Crimsafe is the industry leader in stainless steel security screens for windows and doors and Securelux is one of the largest installers of Crimsafe in Brisbane. We make Crimsafe screens and doors to size in our Brisbane factory which means we can produce security screens and doors to fit any home.

Crimsafe products are made with a thicker stainless steel mesh than any other security screen on the market. Combined with the screw-clamp system, these are stronger against would be thieves than similar products.

Securelux: Your Trusted Crimsafe Supplier and Installer

These security screens and doors don’t just protect against thieves. Crimsafe screens and doors are:

  • Energy efficient minimising the amount of heat loss and gain in a building
  • Corrosion resistant so perfect for buildings that receive salt spray
  • Cyclone Debris screen available in cyclone areas to help protect from flying debris
  • Bushfire compliant screen, tested to the highest risk rating, helping to reduce the intensity of radiant heat and naked flame
  • Fall prevention when open windows and balconies

Enhance Home Safety with Crimsafe

At Securelux we believe the safety of you and your family are paramount, which is why we are a licensed Crimsafe supplier and installer. We only use our own manufacturing and installing team as we believe in hiring people who align with our company goals of providing a quality product and great service. By doing this, we can ensure your security screens and doors are custom fit for your property and installed by a friendly, experienced and professional installer.

Crimsafe screens and doors cover all styles from the more traditional hinged and sliding doors to bi-fold doors, stacking doors, patio enclosures and windows.

If you’re looking upgrade the safety on your home without loosing the overall look of your property, try Crimsafe. With our free consultation and quoting process, we’ll come to you and help you decide on the best option for your home. Call us today.