Security doors are a common sight in neighborhoods, reflecting their popularity among homeowners.

Unlock the Secret to Ultimate Home Safety in Brisbane with Security Screen Doors!

Considering the escalating concerns over home security in Brisbane, investing in security screen doors emerges as a prudent decision. Not only do they offer an additional layer of protection, but they also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. If you’re on the fence about whether security screens for doors and windows are a wise addition to your home, let this insight guide you towards making an informed choice.

What Are The Benefits Of Security Screen Doors?

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A serious step above a simple insect screen, security screen doors, such as those from Crimsafe, offer several fantastic benefits including but not limited to:

  • Being a visual deterrent against attempted break-ins
  • Creating a physical barrier to would-be intruders
  • Keeping creepy crawlies outside
  • Allowing proper airflow and lights into your home without compromising security
  • Adding to your home’s street appeal and overall aesthetic 
  • Improving your home’s energy efficiency
  • Providing fall prevention on upper-storey openings 
  • Enhancing privacy and more. 

Different Types Of Security Screen Doors Available In Brisbane

Generally, there are two types of security screen doors to choose from in Australia. 

These are diamond grille or decorative grille doors with fibreglass insect screens fitted behind the grille or doors fitted with stainless steel mesh. 

Both styles feature a powder-coated aluminium frame and work to keep out intruders of the human and insect variety. 

However, one offers far superior protection against intruders and greater aesthetic appeal.

Crimsafe screens, both for windows and doors feature heavy-duty, high-tensile steel mesh that is screw-clamped within the aluminium frame. This means they cannot be pushed, pulled, cut or torn out of place. 

With grille door options, not only is the screen easily damaged, but tools and fingers may be able to fit through the grille and the door unlocked, rendering it useless during a break-in. 

Choosing The Right Security Screen Door For Your Home 

So what should you look for in a security screen door? Strength and durability should be top of your list, followed by other factors such as appearance and whether they offer any warranties. 

For the ultimate in strength, look for doors that offer multiple locking points and use the strongest available materials in their construction. This also aids in their longevity and durability. 

If appearance is important, a steel mesh door blends almost seamlessly with your home whereas a grille option adds a pattern or design that can quickly look outdated. 

As long-term manufacturers and installers of security screen doors, we also strongly recommend having them custom-made and fitted by a professional team. 

This ensures the perfect fit and facilitates the best performance of the door when under pressure. 

Additionally, if considering screens for upper-storey windows or doors, be sure to select an option that allows an easily openable window in case of an emergency, such as Crimsafe’s Safe-S-Cape. 

With just the touch of a button, the chosen screen will be released from the screen and allow easy exit from the home. 

Installing A Security Screen Door 

Reasons To Choose Crimsafe Security Screens

As mentioned above, the installation of your security screen door is an important factor in its ability to perform properly. 

Poorly fitted security screens lack the integrity necessary to repel intruders and may be able to be kicked or leveraged out of the door frame. 

Crimsafe doors feature a triple locking mechanism that sees the screen fixed into three separate points within the frame once locked. This requires accuracy in drilling into the frame and may also involve specialist tools to complete. 

Due to this, unless you have experience in how to install a security screen door, we recommend seeking professional assistance with this. 

How To Maintain Your Security Screen Door

Unlike other security measures such as CCTV or roller blinds that feature moving parks or technology that requires upgrades, security screen doors need minimal upkeep. 

Crimsafe screen doors in particular need very little in the way of maintenance. With no fiddly grille sections to clean, simply use a soft brush and mild detergent in warm water to remove dirt and grime once or twice a year. 

Once done, hose off any residue and let dry – that’s all there is to it! 

Securelux – Your Trusted Local Experts In Security Screens

At Securelux, we custom-make and manufacture prowler-proof guardian screens from Crimsafe to the highest of Australian standards. 

Delivering peace of mind regarding the security of your home and loved ones alongside a range of other amazing benefits, Crimsafe is the leading choice for security screens in Brisbane

Our full-service offerings ensure you are given the best in customer care from the first quotation to the final installation with zero compromises on quality from start to finish. 

To learn more about the benefits of Crimsafe security screens or to arrange your obligation-free quote, contact our friendly team today at 1300 11 51 51.