Screen door security is a critical yet often overlooked aspect of home safety for Brisbane homeowners.

Unlock the secret to lower insurance costs and impenetrable home security with Brisbane’s top screen doors. Imagine a solution that not only keeps pests and intruders out but also slashes your insurance premiums, all while ensuring your peace of mind. This guide is your first step towards enhancing your home’s security with high-quality screen doors, whether you’re installing them for the first time or upgrading existing ones.

Types of Screen Doors 

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There is a range of products available when it comes to security screen doors. The two most common of these are:

  1. Aluminium grille security doors with fibreglass insect/fly mesh fitted behind the grille
  2. Mesh security doors that feature steel mesh fixed into an aluminium frame

While both of these offer a measure of protection in the form of a physical barrier to intruders, the latter is more effective. 

Grille doors feature gaps in the design which make it easier for tools or fingers to get behind the door, tear the fly screen and open it. Typically available in a diamond or geometric design, these doors are highly visible and tend to stand out in appearance. 

Aluminium doors with steel mesh, such as those offered by Crimsafe, cannot be pushed, pulled, cut or torn out of their frames, this makes them almost impenetrable. 

As the mesh looks much the same as regular insect screening, they are also able to seamlessly blend with your home’s exterior. 

Choosing the Right Screen Door for Your Home’s Security Needs

When selecting the right security screen for your home, it is vital to review some key factors such as:

Security Features 

If you enjoy using smart devices in your home, it is worthwhile considering smart options for security doors. Crimsafe, for example, offers fob access, remote locking technology, PIN access and more for a modern approach to screen door security. 

Lock Type

What type of locking mechanism is used? Many doors feature a single locking point parallel to the handle which is easily overcome. 

A triple locking mechanism, such as Crimsafe’s, fixes the door into three separate places: top, bottom and side of the frame for optimal security. 

Design & Materials

Always check the design and manufacturing of your chosen door, look closely at the design and how it works to maintain security as well as what the door is made of. 

Crimsafe doors use high-tensile steel mesh fixed into an aluminium frame with screw-clamp technology. This combination ensures the screen is strong, durable and able to withstand incredible force. 

Installing a Screen Door for Maximum Security

For the utmost assurance of your home’s security, security screen doors and window screens should only ever be installed by an experienced technician. 

Improper installation can compromise the integrity of the screen, making it possible for them to be easily overcome by an intruder. 

Professional installation ensures every screen door or window screen is expertly and securely fitted into its frame for maximum security benefits. 

Maintaining Your Screen Door for Optimal Security

Perhaps one of the best things about choosing security screen doors for the protection of your home is how little maintenance is needed to keep them performing at their best. 

Unlike CCTV systems that require upgrades and ongoing attention, all your security screens require is a quick clean with gentle detergent and warm water once a year. 

If during cleaning you notice any defects or issues with the screens or the frame into which they are fixed, contact your installer for advice and repairs. 

Screen Door Security Tips for Brisbane Homeowners

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Rounding up, our top tips for homeowners regarding security screens are:

  • Work with a reputable, local company wherever possible 
  • Choose a company that manages measures, manufacture and installation themselves
  • Research different screen types and ensure you are comfortable with the product you select
  • Always opt for triple-locking mechanisms over single-locks
  • Advise your insurer once you have security screens installed as this may see your premium decrease
  • Inspect and clean your screens a minimum of once per year to check for any issues

The Securelux Difference

At Securelux, we have decades of industry experience and are committed to the delivery of exceptional security. 

We supply a range of Crimsafe products, with every security door and window screen made to measure and installed by our highly skilled team.

Proud of our products and dedication to outstanding customer service, we offer priceless reassurance of your home and your family’s safety. Call 1300 11 51 51 today to organise your obligation-free measure and quote