If you’re a property owner in Brisbane, Queensland who is seeking a security solution for your home or business that delivers a harmonious balance between style and safety, Crimsafe is for you. 

Merging robust protection with aesthetic elegance, Crimsafe security screens deliver exceptional security without compromising on curb appeal. 

Blending seamlessly with your home’s architecture they deliver outstanding security without making an obvious statement. This sets them apart from options like bars or diamond grille security screens. 

If you’ve considered Crimsafe but have concerns over its performance or price when compared to alternative solutions, we’re here to walk you through why Crimsafe is the better choice. 

Let’s get right to it. 

Why Choose Crimsafe? 

So what makes Crimsafe such a great investment? Here are 6 benefits that help Crimsafe security screen doors stand out from the competition. 

1. Customisable To Complement Your Home

Brisbane is known for its diverse range of property styles, from the traditional Queenslander to contemporary townhouses. 

As Crimsafe security doors and window screens are tailor-made, they are easily customised to complement the unique character of your home. This ensures there are solutions to suit every property.  

Customisation options extend from colour matching to fitment styles, ensuring that each screen enhances your home’s exterior and interior design.

2. Advanced Technology For Superior Protection

At the forefront of security, Securelux’s Crimsafe screens incorporate advanced technologies that set them apart. 

They are crafted using 316 marine grade stainless steel security mesh which is secured into place using Crimsafe’s patented screw-clap technology. 

Combined with high-quality, robust triple locking mechanisms, each screen is rigorously tested to ensure they can withstand the harshest Australian weather and any attempts of forced entry. 

The combination of this technology, high-quality materials and testing allows us to provide Brisbane residents with cutting-edge protection without detracting from their home’s visual appeal.

3. Barrier Against Harsh Elements

Beyond their security purpose, these door and window screens offer unmatched strength and durability to protect against the harsh Australian climate. 

They possess UV-blocking capabilities while still allowing for ample ventilation. This makes them ideal for Brisbane’s subtropical environment, giving you access to fresh air without the risk of damage to your soft furnishing from UV rays. 

With Crimsafe screens, windows are also protected from high winds, hail or debris that can also occur during summer storms. 

4. Increasing Safety without Obstructing Views

Arguably one of the most appealing features of Crimsafe security screens is their ability to offer security and privacy while still preserving the view. 

The fine yet strong mesh of the screens ensures clear visual access while maintaining a high level of protection. Additionally, while you can see outside easily, passers-by cannot easily see into your home. 

This means you can enjoy your views over Brisbane’s scenic landscapes or city skylines without feeling enclosed or exposed. 

5. Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Crimsafe screens enable homeowners to experience a comfortable indoor temperature and lower cooling costs by repelling heat. 

Additionally, as they also keep out unwanted pests, you can keep your windows open, benefitting from fresh air and breezes, which may mean there is no need to run an expensive air conditioner. 

6. Low Maintenance Solution 

Powder-coated and with no major moving components, these screens are also incredibly low-maintenance. 

Needing just a periodic clean with warm water and gentle detergent, no upgrades or continued attention is needed to keep them working at their best.  

Securelux – Your Local Crimsafe Experts 

An authorised Crimsafe supplier, Securelux has been manufacturing and professionally installing Crimsafe security screens for years. Paired with our outstanding customer service, we deliver peace of mind and utmost care. 

Offering an unparalleled combination of strength and style, these screens offer the very best of Australian standards, craftsmanship and innovation. 

If you desire a business or home security solution that strikes the perfect balance between style and safety, call Securelux today for a free measure and quote at 1300 11 51 51