At Securelux, home security and the safety of your family is our priority. With years of experience supporting clients to protect their homes, we offer unmatched expertise and advice. 

Our goal is to make it harder for intruders to access your home so that you can enjoy the utmost peace of mind while enjoying your space. 

For this reason, we also include the installation of triple lock systems alongside high-quality Crimsafe security screens.  

If you’ve never heard of triple lock systems before, here is our run-down of why they’re the gold standard in home security. 

Understanding Security Screen Doors 

At Securelux, we exclusively manufacture and install high-quality Crimsafe security screen doors and window screens. 

Made using high tensile stainless steel and paired with Crimsafes patented screw-clamp technology, these screens cannot be pushed, pulled, kicked or cut out of place. 

Recognising that single lock mechanisms represent an easy point of access through which to overcome the strength of these doors, Crimsafe only used triple lock systems. 

Single Lock vs. Triple Lock 

A single lock locks into only one point in the door jamb whereas a triple lock, as its name suggests locks into three separate points in the door jamb.

With a single lock, the lock is placed in the middle of the frame close to the handle. When the key is turned it latches to the frame directly adjacent to where it is placed. 

A triple lock system utilises three locking mechanisms connected to an internal rod and single key entry. 

Similar to how central locking works, all three locking points are engaged simultaneously when the key is turned. This then secures it at the top, middle and bottom of the frame. 

The Benefits of a Triple Lock System 

A triple lock system is considered more beneficial as it adds strength to the door while also reducing the ability for a door to be levered open from the top or bottom of the frame. 

When combined with Crimsafe screens, this makes it virtually impossible to gain access to your home. 

This also provides the added benefit of not having to install additional locks on the door which are activated one by one. Not only more convenient, but this is also safer during emergencies when you need to exit in a hurry. 

You can enjoy just a single, highly effective lock that won’t detract from the sleek look of your screen doors.

Invest In A Triple Locking Security Door With Securelux 

If home security is important to you, investing in Crimsafes premium products is the smarter choice. 

Committed to quality, we secure your home with locks and screens that are custom-manufactured in compliance with all Australian standards. 

This ensures a durable, high-performance product that will continue to effectively protect your home for many years to come. 

Available in a range of colours to suit your aesthetic, our triple-locking doors also require minimal maintenance and are protected by a comprehensive warranty. 

Securelux – Experts In Home Security 

Offering obligation-free quotes and a streamlined ordering and installation process, Securelux makes it easy to upgrade your security. 

From your first interaction with us to the last, you are guaranteed exceptional customer service and the provision of high-quality Crimsafe screens and locks. 

Our tailored solutions and dedication to your safety make us the leading choice for homeowners in Brisbane. Protect your home with a higher level of security thanks to Securelux, call today at 1300 11 51 51.