Do you feel more secure knowing no one can see into your home? Privacy is something most of us highly value and often associate with feeling safe. 

Not only something that can be achieved using blinds or curtains but installing a screen door with one-way mesh can also effectively protect your privacy. 

Allowing you to see outside but not letting passers-by see in, choosing the right mesh screen can go a long way towards making you feel safe and protected.

At Securelux, our expertise in security doors and screens in Brisbane means you can access and enjoy these types of privacy screens at your home. 

One-way Mesh & Its Privacy Benefits

So how does one-way mesh work? Using the optical principle, this heavy-duty, stainless steel mesh features holes that have been angled downwards, obscuring the ability to see through it. 

Limited vision mesh offers optimal privacy during the day as whichever side of the mesh is brightest is the side that is most obscured. For instance, at night, when the inside lighting is on, it will be easier to see through from the outside and harder to see out from the inside.  

However, even at night, privacy mesh still offers a greater degree of privacy than standard insect mesh. They do not inhibit the flow of fresh air or restrict natural light from entering your home. 

Construction of One-way Mesh Security Doors 

At Securelux, we manufacture security screen doors and windows ourselves to meet all Australian Standards. Focused on durability, safety and quality, we adhere to these standards closely at all times. 

Typically using Crimsafe mesh, which offers unmatched security benefits alongside optimal privacy outcomes, our doors and screens are a worthwhile investment. 

Using an aluminium frame and high-tensile steel mesh that is screw-clamped into place, our security doors and window screens are made to measure, for a perfect fit.

Benefits of Crimsafe One-way Mesh Security Screens

If you’re someone who loves privacy but still enjoys fresh air and sunlight, then these screens are an ideal solution.

You can enjoy being in your home during the day without feeling like you’re being watched or having to close the curtains. These screens keep out prying eyes and will not block the flow of air or sunlight into your home.

No matter how close a would-be burglar gets to your property, seeing it will be exceptionally difficult. This actively deters intruders as they cannot determine if anyone is home and they can neither see what is worth stealing nor gain access. 

Being Crimsafe, they also cannot be cut, pushed, pulled or pried out of place. This means not only do you feel safe, you genuinely are safe from intruders. 

This makes them ideal as a front door screen, but can also be used on all windows and doors in your home to great success. 

Why Securelux?

At Securelux, our range of mesh security doors has been keeping Queensland homeowners safe for decades. Family-owned and operated, we’re dedicated to keeping your home and its occupants safe. 

As an authorised manufacturer and installer of Crimsafe security screens, we handle every step of your investment in these screens ourselves. From the initial free measure and quote to the manufacturing and installation, we do it all. 

Never contracting to a third party, we guarantee exceptional quality products as well as outstanding customer service that will exceed expectations. 

From garage openings to sliding doors, french doors and unusually shaped windows, we can custom fit one-way mesh security screens to any opening in your home. 

With colour matching also available to suit the design of your home, we also ensure your curb appeal is not compromised. 

Versatile and functional, our range of Crimsafe one-way mesh screens is unmatched. 

Embrace Privacy & Security With Securelux

Whether you’re yet to install screens or are seeking to upgrade your existing ones with a more private and secure option, Securelux can help. 

Enjoy optimal privacy that doesn’t detract from the appeal of your home or the ability to enjoy the outdoors. Paired with the proven security benefits of Crimsafe, there is no better option for your home than Securelux door and window screens.  

Committed to the provision of quality and compliant security solutions, our team guarantees to go above and beyond, delivering you the privacy and security your home and family deserve. 

If you’re ready to experience the benefits of one-way, security mesh at your home, contact Securelux at 1300 11 51 51