Upgrading to a more secure screen door is like investing in insurance – you hope you never have to use it, but it’s there when you need it.

Whether or not a review of your current door and window screens has been on your home improvement to-do list, here’s why you shouldn’t wait to upgrade.

The Need For Home Security

Unfortunately, recent statistics regarding home burglaries and break-ins in Brisbane and wider Queensland are less than encouraging.

With increasing pressure across the board due to the rising costs of living and the lasting impact of a global pandemic, crime has only increased.

Experiencing a break-in at your home and the theft of your valuable belonging is not only a frustrating inconvenience. It can have a lasting psychological and emotional impact on the victim one that leaves them feeling unsafe being in their own home.

This is why it is increasingly important to take preventative steps to avoid becoming a victim of a break-in and deliver you valuable peace of mind.

The Limitations of Traditional Security Screen Doors

Traditional security screen doors, while better than nothing, simply cannot offer an appropriate level of protection against burglars.

These doors and screens are often made of steel and aluminium and feature flimsy insect screens. These are easily removed or damaged by intruders, making them a poor option for safety and security.

Even with the added safety measure of an alarm system, gaining entry to your property is still possible.

So what is the ideal home security alternative? Crimsafe.

Upgrading to a More Secure Screen Door

Installing security doors and window screens from Crimsafe means your home is exceptionally well protected from break-ins.

Made using high tensile stainless steel mesh held in place by Crimsafes patented screw-clamp technology, these screens cannot be pushed, pulled, cut or torn out of place.

This makes your home almost impenetrable to intruders.

A Worthy Investment

Crimsafe indeed represents a significant investment, however, the investment into your household’s safety is truly priceless.

Additionally, when compared with other options for adding security, such as CCTV, Crimsafe offers better value over time.

Needing no costly upgrades or specialist maintenance to perform at its best, Crimsafe only needs a gentle wash with soap and water as upkeep.

Having Crimsafe installed can even see your insurance premiums reduced as insurance companies recognise its ability to reduce break-ins and associated claims.

These long-term savings paired with its exceptional ability to keep your home safe make Crimsafe the smarter choice.

Securelux – Trusted Crimsafe Experts

At Securelux, having seen the outcomes of increased crime first-hand, we encourage you to take a proactive approach to the protection of your home and loved ones.

Whether for a single security door at your front door entry or a re-fit of every screen in your home, our team can help.

Offering high-quality screens that are manufactured and installed by our Gold Coast team, we offer unmatched service and dedication. Call today at 1300 11 51 51 to arrange your free measure and quote.